Hygienic Fresh Goat Milk For Everyone

As a long time consumer of goats milk products, we benefited greatly from it throughout the years. Happy Goats aims to be the go-to place for Malaysians to find nutritious and hygienic fresh/raw goat milk and goats dairy products.

We provide free delivery for whole Penang Island for order above RM30. Kindly contact us at 016-297 4158 to arrange for your order. For those who stays in Mainland, Penang, we can arrange for local pickup at Autocity on Tuesday & Thursday, kindly contact us to arrange.

Premier producer of Fresh/Raw Goat Milk

Happy Goats Sdn. Bhd. aims to be a Premier producer of Fresh/Raw Goat Milk, in our mission to make nutritious and hygienic fresh/raw goats milk and goats dairy products available for all Malaysians. We hope to support the local industry to produce more local milk products such as goat cheese, kefir and yogurt .

As Malaysians generally have low consumption of protein and calcium, Happy Goats hope to provide healthy natural food and impart the benefits of natural milk and improve the intake of this important element in building strong bones especially for the young and elderly.

The older generation used to drink fresh/raw milk in their childhood as compared with children nowadays who hardly drink fresh milk straight from the farm. Happy Goats hope to provide the goodness of fresh goats milk to every school children in the country.

Happy Goats Sdn. Bhd. focuses on stringent quality control and all milk are tested regularly at every stage of production and milk leaving the farm conform to the highest international standard. All these are achieved with good farming practice by using modern farming technologies.

A day at Happy farm will expose school children/visitors to nature farm animals, nutritious food and impart to visitors the right approach to feeding, treating and handling animals.