Can goats milk be used in the same way as cows milk?

Goats milk is just natural milk and nothing is added to it. It can be used in exactly the same way as cows milk and is excellent for cooking.

How does the nutritional value of goats milk compare to cows milk?

Nutritionally, the two milks are quite similar and there is no reason at all why goats milk cannot be considered as a natural alternative to cows milk. Because milk is a fresh food, nutritional values are liable to vary for reasons of seasonality, type of herd, time of milking, etc. All milk, including goats milk, is an excellent source of calcium.

Can children drink goats milk?

Absolutely! Our goats milk is excellent for children. Introduce into a diet just as you would cows milk.

Why can I tolerate goats milk when I cannot tolerate cows milk?

Research has indicated that it has much to do with the protein structure in the milks. They are called caseins and the absence of aplha-s1 casein and a higher proportion of beta-casein in goats milk means that the casein profile of goats milk is closer to human milk than that of cows milk. These proteins form a softer curd in the stomach and the fat particles are also smaller, which is a great aid to digestion for many who cannot tolerate cows milk.

Is goats milk good for you?

Many people choose goats milk simply because they love the taste. Others do so because cows milk does not agree with them and they want a natural alternative. Many of them tell us that they have derived health benefits by switching to goats milk.

Most common problems include digestive disorders such as bloatedness, irritable bowel, and catarrh, chestiness, eczema and even asthma. Nutritionally, goats milk is a good source of calcium and has many of the essential vitamins and minerals we need.

Can I visit your farm?

As a working farm, Happy Goats Farm has to be careful with regard to hygiene and disease risk, as well as health and safety issues, so we do not routinely conduct farm tours. However, we do open upon request for corporate team building and group visits. Please contact us.

Where can I buy your products?

You can buy from our online store, of course. 🙂

We hope you find your answers here. If you don’t, please contact us.